After three wonderful years creating multimedia communications campaigns for public health programs, I moved from my beloved Mitten to Boston to attend Tufts University’s Health Communications program. Some people say they move and never look back, but I find myself looking back often to say hi to my former coworkers as they do incredible work in the state of Michigan.

I’m passionate about using storytelling, behavioral economics, and building deep audience connections in order to drive health-related behavior change. Once a nerd, always a nerd, you can most often find me studying communications theories and stalking new research from behind my glasses.

Nine to five I create meaningful communications programs and work to uncover innovative strategies for communicating health information. Outside of my cube, I can be found teaching myself (a recovering violinist) how to play the ukulele, cross country skiing, mountain biking, camping and hiking, playing with the best dog in the world (Roo), or visiting the library. I love traveling, learning new things, podcasts, and making lists. Flip flops make me nervous.